About Us

About Us
Santa Ynez Shavings Company

was formed in 2002 in Santa Ynez, California. At that time, we started doing business with a quality manufacturer of high grade, soft wood bedding materials well-suited to serve the equestrian industry. 

Our goal was to provide the most premium product on the market, at competitive pricing, with a turn around time of three to four days. So this became the cornerstone upon which we built our business plan. To have a competitive shavings product, it is important to have great logistics. So we chose a shavings manufacturer here on the West Coast. This kept the shipping costs at a minimum and also reduced the time needed between placing an order and receiving a delivery. Ultimately, we have been able to bale and ship high grade soft wood shavings products that stand out in the market place. 
Our shavings are a kiln dried, top quality, lumber by- products that have been screened to remove dust particles. After the dust is removed, the shavings are fed into bags and compressed. Bales are stacked on pallets with shroud covers and shrink wrap and stored in our shavings yard, waiting to be placed on trucks for shipment. Our products are regularly tested for quality and consistency. We strive to maintain a product that our customers can depend on every time they place an order. When you call, our staff is always there to serve you. Customer service is paramount and we look forward to serving you.

Regards, Quinn S. Spaulding

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