Douglas Fir Shavings

Douglas Fir Shavings - 12 cu.ft
Douglas Fir Shavings come from the Pacific North-West. Douglas Fir is a very beautiful and versatile wood that has been successfully used for lumber since the 1800's. The shavings that come from this wood are a by-product from the lumber mill's planing process. Slightly higher in moisture content, these shavings have a larger flake size making them more fluffy with better recovery from the bale. They have been triple screened to eliminate dust. There’s nothing like the fresh smell and clean look of a stall after it has been changed with Santa Ynez Douglas Fir Shavings. That is why Douglas Fir shavings have been a staple bedding in the thoroughbred industry for many years. Try them and you will see why call 805.688.6405.

Size: 12 cu.ft compressed bale
Aromatic – The fresh scent of Douglas Fir in every bag.
Fluffy Bedding – The large flake size give it a cushioned quality.
Low Dust – Triple screened to eliminate dust.
Hypoallergenic – Contains almost no phenol's.
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