Show Pine Shavings

Show Pine Shavings - 10 cu.ft
Show Pine Animal Bedding is produced from virgin, high grade, pine logs so you know it is absolutely 100% natural. When logs are milled, the shavings produced are taken to a screening area to remove dust. Then they are kiln dried to bring down the moisture content for better absorption in the stall. Finally, the pine shavings are baled with a Willem's Baler to produce an outstanding product. 

Try Santa Ynez Show Pine Animal Bedding in your barn and see how well it works for you! Pine has always been a very attractive wood because of its unique light color and aromatic smell. This is why, for years, the horse industry has embraced it as the primary choice for stall bedding. Call us today at 805.688.6405.

Size: 10 cu.ft compressed bale
100% Natural – This shavings product is milled from pine logs and is 100% natural.
Dust Removed – Triple screening process to remove dust.
Pine Color – The bright beautiful color of pine in every bale.
Kiln Dried – Kiln dried to lower moisture for better absorption.
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