Kiln Dried Fir Shavings

Kiln Dried Fir Shavings - 12 cu.ft
Kiln Dried Fir Shavings is the best way to dry lumber. Kiln drying slowly dries the wood and therefore saves the integrity of the lumber. After the lumber is dry it is taken and planed into different products. Shavings is the by-product from the planning process. Since it is a dry wood product, it is very absorbent. It has been triple screened to take out dust. It is the perfect bedding product for your animal and it has the wonderful scent of Douglas Fir.

Size: 12 cu.ft compressed bale 
100% Natural – Comes from fresh new kiln dried lumber.
Smells Great – Naturally fresh with a pleasing aroma.
Low Dust – Triple screened to take out dust.
Super Absorbent – This kiln dried product has low moisture so it is very absorbent
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