Stall Pellets

Stall Pellets - 40 lbs.
Stall Pellets are made from Kiln Dried lumber a by-product from wood molding plants where it is gathered for pellet manufacturing. Santa Ynez Stall Pellets are 100% pine wood pellets that contain small wood particles. They are very absorbent when broken down and exposed to moisture. Urine clumps up and is contained to smaller areas and reduces the odor significantly. Manure can also be picked up without taking a large amount of material with it. This makes for a very economical and environmentally friendly product. 

Santa Ynez Stall Pellets are easy to use while saving you time and money. Call us today at 805.688.6405.

Size: 40 pounds
Reduces Odors –This product is super absorbent and very effective against odors. Stalls smell much fresher.
Clean Up Time – The small particle size reduces the amount of material taken to clean a stall.
Less Waste – Less material taken from stalls means less waste to deal with.
Very Absorbent – Almost four times greater than shavings.

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