Horses enjoy running free but when it's time to be in a stall, only Santa Ynez Premium Shavings will do.  Check out our Premium Shavings, Fresh Pine Animal Bedding and Stall Pellets. 

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At Santa Ynez Shavings we strive to maintain horse shavings and bedding that our customers can 
depend on every time they place an order.
  • Premium Pine Shavings

    7.5 cu.ft

  • Premium Pine Shavings

    11 cu.ft

  • Kiln Dried Fir Shavings

    12 cu.ft

  • Douglas Fir Shavings

    12 cu.ft

  • Stall Pellets

    40 lbs.

  • Fine Pine Bedding

    4 cu.ft

  • Show Pine Shavings

    10 cu.ft

  • Fresh Pine Bedding

    12 cu.ft

Santa Ynez Shavings Company is a distributor of animal bedding products. We seek out high quality bedding material, package it and send it in a timely manner to our customers. Our commitment is to the health and well being of your animal by offering top grade, dust free shavings material. We focus on customer service and make every effort to smoothly handle your buying experience. 

Our products are environmentally friendly. We use 100% recyclable wood material and are committed to the health and sustainability of our forests and is always consistent and dependable. Available in California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.
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